Alexander Michaels - Miami

Alexander Michaels, Author of self-development and wealth creation books and courses, is also known for his activities as a Producer, Director, and President & Editor-in-Chief of Mode Lifestyle Magazine.

His book and course ”Zero To $Million Net-Worth In 90 Days” focuses on advanced wealth creation methods using commercial real estate. The year 2007 saw the re-release in paperback of the marketing book, “Relationship Marketing: How To Build A Profitable And Ethical Network Marketing Or Affiliate Business”, developed from business training he conducted for clients. His self-development books include the “Secrets of Self-Mastery” and “From Fear To Courage” series. In 2009 he released a collection of poems in a well-received book “From Here To There – A Journey In Love Poems and Letters”.


He is an insightful speaker and consultant to businesses that wish to develop the full potential of their staff and resources and may be reached at

Additional Information and Activities:

Alexander Michaels has obtained Multiple Financial Services Qualifications over the years including Financial Advisor, Bond Investor, and Life Underwriter for Liberty Financial Services.

Alexander Michaels has held Mortgage Broker Licenses across multiple jurisdictions including United Kingdom and United States in the past as part of development projects.

Created the company wide IT department during the founding stages of Summit Marketing Company, the largest brokerage for Irish Life at the time.

Coordinator for National Safety Associates (NSA) where he managed a team of several hundred people and created and held regular training sessions.

Created and managed a Commodities Exchange firm with traders that focused on trading of excess inventories.

Vice President of Real Estate Firm

Vice President of International Expansion Department of Elite

Real Estate Developer: Invested in and Built Luxury and Resort Homes

Chief Strategic Officer (CSO) for Flow State Strategy

Produced Lifestyle and Fashion Events and Shows in Europe and United States

President & Editor-In-Chief of Mode Lifestyle Magazine (1998 to 2023+)

Producer at Mode Lifestyle TV (2008 to 2024+)

A student of Martial Arts, Alexander Michaels has achieved black belt level and has trained in Shotokan Karate, Shaolin Kung Fu, and Tae Kwon Do

As a music aficionado, Alexander sits on the Advisory Board of Miami Symphony Orchestra


For more information you can contact Mr. Michaels at